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Nano ST 450 Degrees Digital Flat Iron 1″

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The XHI Nano ST Digital Flat Iron utilizes Nano silver titanium plates. These special plates are made in Korea and offer shorter styling times, less stress and damage to the hair. This creates more shine, more hydration and longer lasting hair styling. The flat iron actually feels soft as it glides through the hair. If you have used ceramic plates in the past, then you are in for a real treat.

The flat iron features digital temperature control up to 450°F and a professional length 360° swivel cord. Ergonomic design adds to the user experience.


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The XHI Nano ST Digital Flat Iron utilizes Nano silver titanium plates. These special plates are made in Korea and offer shorter styling times, less stress and damage to the hair. This creates more shine, more hydration and longer lasting hair styling. The flat iron actually feels soft as it glides through the hair. If you have used ceramic plates in the past, then you are in for a real treat.

The flat iron features digital temperature control up to 450°F and a professional length 360° swivel cord. Ergonomic design adds to the user experience.


Features include:
• Digital LCD Temperature Control with soft touch button technology
• Adjustable temperature from 0°F to 392°F
• Advanced infrared heat technology
• 100% Nano Silver Titanium plates made in Korea
• Nano Silver Titanium plates eliminate frizz, promote shine and work quicker
• Curved round edges with floating plates designed to straighten, flip, or curl
• 90-minute digital timer with auto shut-off
• Ergonomic design for an easy and comfortable grip
• 360° Swivel cord
• Recommended for all hair types from fine to thick or coarse hair
• For professional salon use
• One year warranty

How to Use

1. Ensure hair is clean, dry and combed through.
2. Plug the iron into a current socket of a voltage specified on the rating plate.
3. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the appliance.
4. The appliance will reach the default temperature you set. The readings will appear on the LCD screen.
5. Press the HIGH/LOW buttons to adjust the temperature as you require.
6. Choose the mode you require for LCD temperature display (Centigrade or Fahrenheit).
7. Press MODE button until the timer setting (000min) appears. Press HIGH/LOW buttons to adjust the time you require for automatic safety cut-off. Please note that the 000min means no automatic safety cut-off.
8. Once the nano silver titanium plates have heated to the required temperature, the appliance will keep the temperature within a range of no more than 5 degrees.
9. Separate a two inch (max) section of hair.
10. Place the section of hair between plates to the roots.
11. Hold the hair firmly between the plates and slide down the length of hair from root to tip.
12. Repeat as necessary.
13. Allow the hair to cool before combing through.
14. After use, press ON/OFF button to turn OFF the appliance.
15. Unplug the iron. Allow to cool before storing away.

• Your appliance is virtually maintenance free. No lubrications is required.
• Keep heated surfaces clean and free from dust, dirt and chemicals (such as hair spray).
• If cleaning becomes necessary, remember to disconnect the appliance from the power supply and allow to cool. Then wipe exterior with a damp (never wet) cloth.
• If the cord becomes twisted or tangled, untangle it before use.

Warning: If any malfunction occurs, DO NOT attempt to repair it by yourself as there is not user-serviceable parts.

• Before storing the appliance, let it cool down first.
• Appliance should be kept in a place which is safe, dry, and out of reach of children.
• Never wrap the cord around the appliance or the cord will wear and break prematurely. Avoid jerking, bending sharply, twisting or straining the cord and plug.

Additional Information

When using electrical appliances, especially when children are present, please always follow the basic safety precautions as listed below:


DANGER: As for most electrical appliances, electrical parts are electrically live even if the unit is turned off.

For function and avoiding fatal risk by electrocution:
1. Always unplug the appliance immediately after using.
2. Do not use while bathing or showering.
3. Do not place or store the appliance where it can fall or be pulled into tub or sink.
4. Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid.
5. If the appliance falls into water, unplug it immediately. Do not reach into water.

Warning: To reduce the risk of burns, electrocution, fire or injury:
1. User should not leave an appliance unattended when it is plugged in.
2. Extra care should be paid when appliance is used by, on or near children or individuals with certain disabilities.
3. Do not use any attachments which are not provided by the manufacturer. Follow all instructions mentioned in this manual when using.
4. Never use the appliance when cord/plug is damaged. Also, if the appliance does not work properly or is dropped into water/fluid, do not use it or/and return the appliance to a service center for examination and repair.
5. Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces. Do not wrap the cord around the appliance.
6. Do not use outdoors or/and never use the appliance together with aerosol (spray) products.
7. Never use this appliance while oxygen is administered.
8. Do not let eyes and bare skin touch the heated plates when using. Always use the handle.
9. Do not rest the heated parts directly on the appliance.
10. Never drop or insert any object into any opening on the appliance.
11. Attachments become hot during use. Let them cool before handling.
12. Never use while sleeping.
13. Do not use any extension cord with this appliance.


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4 reviews for Nano ST 450 Degrees Digital Flat Iron 1″

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Honestly, by far these are the best flat irons I’ve ever had..I really loved how good they straightened and curled..they gave me beautiful curls and when I wanted my hair straight it straightened right up..they didnt burn my hair or leave that burnt smell.
    In other words, it is an amazing flatiron and recommend it to everyone!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is a smaller flat iron but it is quite effective despite the size. The metal plates are large and, while I was conservative with the amount of hair I straightened at once, you could probably get by with more.

    This heated up quickly. Although I don’t often use heat on my hair, I didn’t really need to read the instructions. This is a pretty simple device. Plug it in (it has a long cord that swivels, which is wonderful), let it heat up, adjust the temperature as desired, and then run sections of your hair through it. I was done in about 10 minutes, and that’s with little experience and thick, waist-length hair. (I did use some heat protectant first — Shu Uemura Lustre Brilliant Glaze Thermo-Milk.)

    This was super easy to use and I got good results. My hair is normally a bit wavy and it was stick straight after straightening this. And it stayed straight until I shampooed and let it air dry. I got a nice shine (probably from the product I used) and much frizz reduction, which was wonderful.

    After use, I asked someone who didn’t know I was going to use the flat iron what he thought of my hair. He said it looked MUCH straighter than usual and also noticed there was less frizz. This was also how I felt. I used a lower setting, about 356 degrees Farhenheit, since I had just had my hair colored yesterday. And that was effective. But if your hair can take higher heat, it is available. This does take a few minutes to cool down, but that’s to be expected.

    One thing I am happy about is the location of the controls. It is pretty hard to hit them while you are using this normally, so you don’t accidentally change the setting.

    Anyway, I was quite pleased with this. It was so easy to use, I am definitely going to be straightening my hair often.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have a few different styles of flat irons and even a rolling instyler to help me smooth my hair down after drying. The plates on this flat iron are narrower than the regular flat irons I use so I do have to limit how much hair I am able to straighten at one time, but since my hair is thick I don’t have to press as hard while using it so it all works out good.

    The control buttons on the side are easy to use. I like the display and having the ability to adjust the temperature, the temperature can go up to 450 degrees. My regular irons either don’t have a way to adjust the temperature, or they just have a low, med. and high setting. I like how this flat iron lets you set the temperature to what best suits your hair type and hair condition. Using the mode button, then the Up/Down button, you can set the flat irons timer to automatically shut off. You can also use the mode button to change the LED display from centigrade or Fahrenheit.

    The plates on this flat iron glide smoothly over your hair so while they are straightening it they are also giving it a pretty shine too! I was able to straighten my hair, then give if a nice flip on the ends. The long cord swivels too so there’s no need to untangle the cord as you fix your hair. This flat iron works well smoothing my hair and helping to get rid of the frizzies. It heats up fast making it great for touch ups during the day too. It arrives packaged in a nice box with magnetic closure, perfect for gift giving!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    “Mommy, you look so pretty!” is what my 7 year old granddaughter said when she came home from school (to my 30-something daughter and son-in-law’s house), and saw my daughter with hair that she’d ironed hours earlier with the XHI Pro Nano Silver Titanium Digital Flat Iron. My daughter’s hair is long, thick, and normally wavy/curly. She used this flat iron to help me review it and I agree with my granddaughter, and think my daughter’s hair came out looking awesome.

    She says that the design is such that it’s good for use when control is more of a concern than speed, and is good for flips and curls. It’s not good for real close-in ironing, and she says that you have to press hard to get a really good grip on hair. Also, it sits on counters in such a way that there’s no risk it will burn the counter. Another safety feature is that it has a digital timer with automatic shut-off.

    The digital controls are easy to use to set the temperature and timer, and there is a small, yet easy-to-read LCD screen, and all this makes using this flat iron pretty intuitive. It comes with an instruction booklet but my daughter didn’t need to look at it in order to figure out how to use it.

    The electric cord is long and like the rest of the iron appears to be excellent quality.

    My daughter says that the iron heats up quick.

    The nano silver titanium plates heat evenly and glide smoothly on hair with minimal friction, enabling gentler styling with less possibility of damage to hair.

    The XHI Pro Nano ST Flat Iron comes in an elegantly designed box with a magnetic enclosure. The box makes for an impressive gift-worthy presentation.